A-Z me:)

For fun I am doing an ABC me:) 
(with pictures that ether do or don't have relevance;)

A. Age: 3x5=15 ;P

B. Beach or mountain:  Beach:)

C. Chores: Yes, floors, dog, dishes etc, we switch out:)

D. Day: Friday. Movie night and the weekend begins

E. Essentials in the morning: tea and bible.

F. Food: tea, ice tea, ice cream, dark chocolate:)(I gotta sweet tooth;P)

G. Gold or silver: silver

H. Hot or cold: Love the heat(however I do enjoy a storm or two and snow;) 

I. Instrument you play: I play a little piano

J. Job: Volunteer in a clay class and baby sit

K. Knit or sew: Little of both(nothing exceptional)

L. LiveSoCal

M. Moved states?: Yes

N. Nicknames: Em, Emers, Emy

O. Organic or junk food: Organic. OK I love some junk food(chips, Oreo's, soda) but I rarely eat that stuff)

P. Pet: Dog. Her name is amber. I<3 her:)

Q. Quote from movie: 
"So you hit him with your car?"~Nurse
"And you Tasered him?"~Nurse
"Yes I did."~Darcy

R.  Right or left hand: Right

S. siblings: 4 brothers

T. Trouble maker or Peace maker: Um, the truth.... troublemaker:)

U. Urban or country: Country

V. Vegetable you like: Broccoli 

W. Water or fire: Water. I love to swim:)

X. X-ray: tooth X-ray

 Y. Yuck: tomato'sHeavy mettle music, Graffiti.   

 Z. Zoo animal: Big cats(tigers,cheetah, bob cats, cougars, etc)

There you have it!
Till another post 


  1. I like this rapidity of posts! I should try to pic up the rate at which I update my blog. Interesting alphabet to be sure ;) I'm not to big on tomato's either =)

    1. Ha, someone else dose not like them! Victory!!

  2. Yes, the rate at which the posts have been coming is astoundingly better than the alternative. Watch, Michael, and learn! ;) I love all the pictures! Where do you find them all, or is it a secret location, perhaps? Looking forward to the next post (they're always very witty, and the drawings are irritatingly inspiring,

    1. Well recently I have been getting them from pinterest. No it is not very secret:)


    2. Aha, that's what I was beginning to think when I saw my mom had some of the same ones. :)