A Tuesday post:)

Hello cool people!
I really, really meant to post this yesterday and the day before that.....really!
But that didn't exactly happen:) My excuse... well I don't have one actually;P
 But if I did it would be a really good one;)
Anyway moving on......

A black and white dancer for a friend:)

 Friday night we were up till late partying with some friends. Lots of fun!!
When we came back from church on Sunday there was this big snake siting on our back deck waiting for us and I was like....
^ like the guy on the right^
It was a Coach-whip. A gorgeous snake! here is some pics..

^this snakes can grow to 100 inches!!!
I know, your like...
Another snake, boring;P Sorry I am a snake freak!

^because I love minions^

For now
Smiles and Sunshine and I finished science( ya;)


  1. Awesome, as always! I love the Dryad!

    1. Oh, and where do you find all the Minion things, or is it a secret source?

  2. okay. we're like twins. you love minions and you get lots of snakes. we sometimes see coachwips (we call them red racers) on the roads... and the other day, my brother rescued a snake caught in some garden netting.

    also, do you sell your art anywhere? because it is pretty much some of the most amazing art i have ever seen! it's amazing.

    1. I am thinking about selling some of it on eBay sometime this summer:)
      It is really cool that we are so similar:) Minions are the best! Good job with the rescue!!