(late) Summer list

I know, summer has been around for ages! Therefore this is kinda late but it's now or never:)

My summer list:

wake up each morrning early to spend more time with God, reading my bible and praying

pick/buy/plant flowers

read books(20-30?)

spend time at the beach and REMEMBER to actually take pictures!
( I went to the beach and I forgot to take any pictures!!!:)

one week of posting everyday(or longer)

bake/make lots of sweet stuff(sweet tooth anyone?)
like this-

listen to the Pride and Prejudice sound track
(come on, you know you love that beautiful music;)

wear bright warm colours

take lots of pictures of  the God's beautiful creation

Go on long walks at dawn and sunset

eat lots of ice cream while soaking up the summer sun

Live out every second
go picnicking

paint more

write poetry(ahem-learn-to-write-poetry, I have always wanted to;P)

spend more time with family and friends

spend more time in the real world and less on the computer

Use the exclamation la :an exclamation of surprise


watch classic movies such as Sound of Music, Anastasia, Black beauty, etc 

do lots of garage sailing 

organize and decorate my room in the vintage/chic style

And just enjoy the summer!



  1. Awesome. Not a bad idea, making one of these. Such a happy blog, btw.

    1. Yes, summer lists are really fun to make:)