Birthday at the Beach

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      It was mom’s birthday. We arrived at the beach in the early afternoon. I love that first step on to the burning hot sand. Then attempting to run as fast as you can carrying a ton of beach gear(everything accept for the kitchen sink) Dumping our stuff in one big pile, we race down to the water and scream as the cool water touches our toes.

     We have spent many birthdays at the beach but this one was by far the best yet. My mom is just flat out awesome. Yeah, she rocks. Love you mom!

side note - chips just taste better at the beach. amen.


  1. I followed you via bloglovin. :) I love your blog, come visit mine too!

  2. I have never heard of Jack Johnson but I really like the song. Nice Last pic of Pete btw. And don't worry I won't tell him you posted it ;)