The one about A car show

P1290376-2P1290438-2P1290449-2P1290454-2            Cars, cars and some more cars.
     We went to a car show on Saturday. There was a live band playing 80’s music and lots of squeaky clean cars. The boys told me about this car’s engine and how rare that car was.(but let’s me just say, not a whole lot of it really sank in) The fire department was hosting the event and all the firemen were obligated to dance if you asked them. I’m kicking myself for not summing up the courage to ask one. But even without the dancing fireman, we had a good time.


  1. Ah, old cars are my heart's desire!:) Love the VW bus:)

  2. Nice!
    Dancing firemen, huh? That would have been such an incredible sight to see.
    Love the photos, Em

  3. How fun!! Old cars are cool... but I don't know much about them, haha. I love the first photo, looks all retro :)

    Dancing fireman... oh my word, I want one! Hahaha.