Los Angeles Natural History Museum

Things we learnt/saw/did at the LA Natural History Museum:

I. it was freezing inside.
II. I didn't realize just how HUGE dinosaurs were.
III. coffee is a life saver in terms of kicking a headache.
IV. we saw copious amounts of REAL gold just sitting there - behind glass, of course.
V. being in a room full of stuffed, deceased animals, some of which had been dead for a 100 years, was somehow not creepy.
VI. I’m a column hugger and proud.
VII. the California state fossil is the Sabre-tooth cat.
VIII. Possums were not native to California. People in the 1800's originally brought them here to eat.
IX. I feel guilty when I don’t read the information boards for the displays…
X. but I still don’t read them.

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  1. Ah, so cool. The antlers are my favorite. Also . . . who wouldn't want to hug a column?