The Ocean and Sophie


P1330611“Just whip your hair Em.” the result:P1330590P1330595P1330598P1330592P1330584P1330600-1P1330531

P1330617P1330636-5P1330635P1330634-5P1330560-1P1330612 photos of me – credits to Sophie.

     This is Sophie. She is the kind of person that will ask you a deep personal question before asking your name. She has a light, pretty laugh that will make you smile even if you didn’t hear what the joke was. If you have a dog of any kind she will probably ask to see it and then if she can take it home.  Her dad has a darling little red and white VW bug and it is her dream to drive it when she turns 16. We have had long conversations/arguments about which Pride and Prejudice movie is the best, the 6 hour long BBC version (her favorite) or the two hour version with Keira Knightley in it (my favorite). She has taught me how to dance and how to play ping-pong. Or at least she tried to teach me ping-pong. I still hit that dang thing like a base ball and usually it hits someone.

I hope we keep quoting movies, dancing in weird places and talking are heads off together till we're old ladies.

rock on girl.


  1. Sophie delivered one of the best compliments I have ever received in telling me in a contemplative manner that I reminded her of Gru. That made my day.

  2. Hi Aaron ,
    haha I like you're comment. It made me laugh. :)

    Sophie Botello

  3. These photos are so pretty, em! and the editing, BEAUTIFUL! love the style. and thanks for your comment that you left me. :) as to your blurring issue, I honestly have no idea! I haven't had that problem.... What camera do you use? Is it alright if I pin one of these images? because I really want to. :)

    1. thank:)they were edited in PhotoScape. feel free to pin away and if you can, leave some form of credit:)
      I use a Lumix DMC-TZ4. it's old and definitely NOT top of the line. that could be the issue. I just read that some cameras may not be compatible with Lighting room 5.
      thanks for taking the time to reply and leave such sweet words Jo:)

  4. The sailboats in the harbor are so cute. Love these photos! :)