Movies in the Park

P1320029Summer afternoons are for the pool.P1320033P1320012P1320602P1320612P1320003-1scones with jam and cream, yum.P1340274P1340302P1340261P1340281P1340313P1320094
      I had never been to a movie in the park till this summer. Sitting on blankets under the moon, we snuggled together. Even though the air was chilly, no one noticed. Our eyes watched the big screen and our hands were in our popcorn boxes. There is something about watching a movie outdoors with a hundred or so other people that just felt, I don’t know, summery.(cheesy much?)  The laughter of kids surrounded us and personally I could not think of a better way to spend a Thursday evening with the family.
What’s one of your favorite moments this summer?

much love all and hurrah for Fridays! (because it means pizza night for us)
p.s. - I start school this Monday.  NOOOOOOO!

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