//pictures 1-7 moving day//pictures 8-30 from some of our walks in the new neighborhood//

  covered in green grass and trod by cows, the hills across from our new neighborhood are a contrasting backdrop to the city. a trail climbs the hill behind our community and at the very top you can see the whole valley spread out before and in the distance is the snow-capped mountains. being the country girl that I am, this little piece of wilderness is a great escape from the concrete path.

  we moved. yup. mission accomplished with the help of some super awesome friends. We made it through the rain, shine, fog and wind, literally. hallelujah, praise the Lord. it has now been about 3 weeks and things are back to the usual swing of it. I have to admit that I didn't exactly want to move {let’s face it, moving an hour away from you friends is no fun, trust me, I have moved 14 times in my life and yes I’m going to brag about it because…never mind I can’t think of a good reason} but one of the things I have learn from moving so much is that you have to move on. yeah, that is a real shocker.{not} but stay with me here folks. If I spent my time wallowing in self-pity and feeling like life has just ended, I would miss the really cool parts of moving. like exploring new areas or meeting new people. and doing and being where God wants me. I still miss my chums { correction - I really, extremely, tremendously miss my chums - there we go, that’s better} but I am also thankful for the new adventure God has given me.

Adios amigos, take a hike {as in walking, on a path or something…… you know what I mean}



  1. I saw the pictures of the scenery and I instantly became happy for you. I know moving can be hard, though I can't really compare to you because I've only moved a few times in my lifetime. :) BUT, I remember missing my friends a lot and was sad for a while that we moved, but you know? You're right. God KNOWS the plans He has for you. And they're far better than you could ever imagine. I never could have imagined all the amazing opportunities God had and is continuing to have for me here. I look back and see His hand in my life and His kindness it moving me to where I live now. It's really exciting to think of this new chapter in your life that is just with new opportunities, new people to meet and impact for God's glory. It's simply so exciting. So...keep your chin up and continue to trust God. I'm glad you're trusting Him and keeping an optimistic attitude. :))



    1. Amen sister! thanks for the encouraging words:)

  2. Wow, lovely landscape! I haven't moved in 13yrs, somedays I want to though:)
    I live 4hrs away from all of my really good friends {and family}, its very hard. But I know that God has me here for a reason and I'm content to trust in Him.
    Keep your chin up ;)

  3. Beautiful landscape, Em! Love the colors! Everyhing's pretty grey up here right now, it's a great thing to look at. Wonderfully done, as usual!

  4. Beautiful new home! I understand the hard part of moving. I've barely moved at all in my life (only once, when I was five), and now we are getting ready to move again. I can't imagine how heartbreaking it would be. But you have a good attitude about it, and at least an hour from your friends isn't far enough to not do weekend trips :)

  5. your chums miss you terribly! email with your new address immediately! we have a care package for your family! hope 2013 is filled with new joys. so happy you have some wilderness to romp in!

  6. Love it EM

    Love Sophie

  7. Miss you terribly EM!!! I love all the pictures!!!