Sophomore and Questions

^Ok I love that I am going to like make a poster saying that... a big poster:) ^

The anticipation is over ( anticipation, what anticipation?) 
School is here. as in here and now. I am a sophomore. 
I'm not going to make your head spin with the details on what kind of work is included in my sophomore year (I know, i know, you really wanted to know;P) but i will tell you this.... 

it is not soft, but there is more. 
so don't let the title fool you!

actually it is not as bad as I thought it would be.
I am just glad i am not doing Algebra 2 this year, I am doing Geometry:)
the reason.....well cuz the Algebra 1 book kept saying "and we will learn more about this in Algebra 2{evil chuckle}"

anyway, enough randomness( I just had ice cream so I am pretty hyper:)
 I have a question for you

what is it you would like me to post about?
I know you all seem to like the art, but I have to have art to post.
so when there is no art, is there anything else that you think would be interesting?
i might just try some different ideas that i have seen around.
so be prepared and if there is anything in particular you can think of, tell:)
also I am changing the name of the blog.

P.S. sorry I kind of just dropped some heavy questions on your head:} that's what happens when this girl has caffeine:P
P.P.S. there will not be as many posts because of the more and no soft;P


  1. Don't let the work load worry you, but DO NOT procrastinate! Try to have fun with it-I loved my Sophomore year!
    I would definitely suggest joining some weekly linky parties if you are unsure about what to post. It can be nice to know what you're going to post about for at least one day a week. I just ramble for the rest of the days, and that works for me:)
    And for the blog name - try brainstorming a bunch of words/phrases that describe you and your life right now. Chances are, if you put some of them together, the'll make an awesome blog name!

  2. I agree with this person up here ^ practically every word. Not a lot of help, I know, but in my limited experiences, I have learned that not many people can really give you an idea or a name for something that will ever be as good as one that you could come up with on your own, only because you know yourself best.

  3. Hello there!I'm Lala!I'm so glad that I stumbled across your blog,Em!Am following your blog now!:)