Random and comical things about me........

So on Sunday it was my 15th birthday(I know I am getting SO old;) I decided to post some random and funny things about yours truly;)

So here it goes

I am not very patient(working on it:)
Oh ya;D

I am a total tea freak!!!
Um, who put that wall there????
Jesus LOVES me!!! To think he would die to save my life?!?!?!Thank you JESUS!!!!


To tell the truth this is so me. I am not the worlds biggest fan of math:)


OK here is a funny/embarrassing story about me .......

      Once upon a time in a well know craft store I was returning our kart to the inside of the store. After returning the kart I realized with horror the doors did not open from the inside. I did not notice at the time you were suppose to walk through past the checkouts. So after a few failed attempts to open the automatic doors I walk back and forth between the not opening doors and the checkouts in frantic panic!!! Finally a employ walked up and asked if I was trying to get out?!?!?!? I turned crimson and replied yes. He almost burst up laughing as he showed me how to squeeze past the checkouts!! He said he had been observing me running back and forth(like a weirdo) Ahhhh!!!!So what is the morals:
1. when you need help, ask(it works!!!)
2.Don't panic
3.NEVER trust craft store doors they are deceiving!!!!!

THE END comical

That's it!

P.S. None of these pictures are mine. Thank you random web picture I liked;)

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