J'ai terminé mes mathématiques pour l'année!!!!

In English please........
It is such a relief!!!!!!Maybe I will be able to post more often now!!!!

 This morning my dad and I were standing at the window and suddenly we spotted a baby rattler just out side the window!
It was busy stalking a lizard so it did not see dad coming.

Dad used a shovel to disposed of it(I am going to keep it PG:)
(um.....I did say PG right??:)
I asked if I could pick it up. Mom said not to be gross:)
We keeped the tale. It only two ring which makes it two years old.
I will post more soon


  1. ugh! what kind of rattler is that? we normally only get Mojaves and an occasional Diamondback or Western. We've so far only had one baby rattler and it was super tiny. Last year, we killed five or six rattlers- all within two weeks! it was scary, because three of them were either on or right next to our porches! One of them was on the porch, underneath a bench, and we spent like two hours 'chasing' it- and it was night so it was dark out. It went under a car, but we finally got it out by spraying water at it, and my brother shot it. That was the first snake of the year, and Mom warned us that rattlers come in pairs, so we should watch out. sure enough, the next morning, not twelve hours later, there was another one on the back porch. Mom killed that one since my dad and two older brothers were gone. ;P Those two were mojaves, and then we killed two more out in the driveway, and then the last one was a Diamonback on the other porch. (apparently rattlers enjoy our porches! ;P) That snake was scary... it was SOOOO mad!

    Our dog found all those snakes, and he's not even snake trained. But he has a very distinctive bark, and we can usually tell if he's found something. LOL. Summers are never dull. ;)

    look forward to more posts from you! that's awesome that you're done with math! i only have a week left! So excited!!

    okay. I will now end my comment. ;)

    1. I believe it was a Diamondback, but I could be wrong :) It did not look like any of the other rattlers. However, it was a juvenile.
      That is a lot of rattlers in two weeks! I hope this is our first and last this year!! Only time will tell;P

  2. I would hate to be near that thing. I miss you so much!!! Hopefully we can get together very soon.


  3. That is so cool that you finished your math. Good job!!!!