Don't you hate it when.....

your camera runs out of battery right when something exiting happens????
You see here is how it went....

I was done in the riven( oh our riven? another post another time) with my brothers. The camera ran out and i was about to go and recharge it when....

"guys a rattler!!!!"

Yes a rattler.
One of my brother had found a rattle snake in a bush. I did not see it dew to the fact I was keeping the youngest of my brothers away.
We headed back to the house.
Now, we are not wimps. We looooveee snakes!!!:) But when it comes to the dangerous ones you have to be on you guard. SO i guess even if the battery was charged i would not have been able to take a picture.

Any way before the battery went out I took these:

Thats all for now


  1. Oh that sucks! I hate it when that happens! I live in AZ and we always get rattlers!

    1. Ya we live in an area now to have rattlers to. But we don't see them very often.